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Holbein Designers’  Gouache, available in 89  Brilliant opaque colors, is Japan’s  foremost designers’ color medium.  Made from the finest pigments  selected for high density saturation and  lightfastness. Holbein adds no opaquing agents to  their gouache colors. 
Grumbacher Academy  has been the best-  selling brand of  watercolors in the  United States for years.  Their palette of 60 colors  features traditional  ingredients, time-tested  formulas, careful  manufacturing, and  attention to quality.  Academy offers  extravagant color at an affordable price.  Grumbacher uses only the finest pigments,  finely ground and evenly dispersed for  producing the vibrant washes and subtle  gradations that make watercolor so  appealing.  Academy is of such quality that it is often  used by professionals. Academy colors that  have dried on the palette are easily  resoluble with water. This cuts down on  waste, and allows artists to make their own  semi-moist colors for outdoor painting.  Available in 7.5 ml tubes. 
Water colour more than any other  medium relies upon the variable  characteristics of the pigments used. Our  Professional Water Colours use only the  purest pigments, and are known for their  brilliance, permanence and strength of  colour. With 75 single pigment colours in the  range, we offer the widest range of modern  and traditional pigments for superb colour  mixing. Available at Charleston Location!
Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant  Concentrated Water Color is  produced in an extremely  concentrated form to achieve the  greatest possible brilliance. Each  liquid color comes in an iconic  0.5 oz (15 ml) glass  bottle package with its  own eyedropper. Dr.  Ph. Martin's colors are  primarily formulated  for use in graphic  arts work on paper  surfaces intended  for reproduction (e.g.  cartooning,  illustration, and  other graphic arts), and are  especially popular for  airbrushing. Like all aniline  dye base colors, they are  fugitive when exposed to  direct sunlight over  time. For lightfast,  archival watercolor  use Dr. Ph. Martin's  Hydrus Fine Art  Watercolor. 
Holbein Irodori Antique Watercolor  is a line of 48 colors that are intended  not to replace our traditional  watercolor range but to enhance it.  These colors were created from the  ancient palette of pigments used by  Japanese and Chinese painters  centuries ago.   They are delicate and  harmonious, highly saturated  and very eastern in flavor. Unlike the  transparent watercolors, these colors  granulate more freely and tend to be slightly  more opaque, in the true Asian fashion. Like  Holbein transparent watercolors, these  pigments are of the finest quality mixed with  gum arabic and there is no ox-gall added.  Because of exceptional pigment density,  which is the reason for the line’s outstanding  brilliance, there is less gum arabic in each  tube. Irodori is mat and flat. It will dry hard  and may not adhere to the palette like a  transparent watercolor. We recommend that  when using, squeeze only what you need for  each color.  Ox gall is an additive used in watercolors to  increase the flow of pigment. While helpful in  some instances, this chemical can impede  brushwork and decrease the vibrancy of  washes. Artists can control the amount of ox-  gall by adding this product themselves. Both  the beginner and the professional will find  this product easy to control and vibrant to  work with. For the adventuresome painter,  this line allows you to explore some lovely  new possibilities.  Available in 15ml tubes. 
A European style  transparent  watercolor, Holbein  watercolor also  preserves the brush  handling qualities   inherent in  traditional Japanese watercolor techniques.  Without ox-gall or other dispersing agents,  Holbein watercolor moves slowly, thus  permitting greater color density and brush  control. It is a color line with a consistent  creamy texture that remains smooth when dry without cracking, crumbling, chipping or  molding in the palette. It may be re-wetted  easily like a pan color. For this reason  Holbein does not produce watercolors in pan  form but allows artists to create their own  selection.  Fill the wells of a suitable palette with the  desired color selection. Permit to dry, then  wet the color when needed. Holbein  watercolors produce brilliant transparent  washes as well as powerful clean darks when  used in more concentrated applications.  Engineered to surpass the quality standards  set by both North American and European  manufacturers, Holbein watercolor is widely  preferred around the world for its handling  qualities. Holbein watercolor ranks as the  world’s finest. 
For over 30 years, DANIEL SMITH inks and  paints have been formulated, produced and  packaged in Seattle. When you use a DANIEL  SMITH   product, you support a  community whose passion for  color and quality has  fueled some of the most  inventive developments  in the art materials  industry.  Daniel Smith  Watercolors are  on Sale!                       20% off
Acryla Gouache moves, reacts,  blends and feels like traditional  gouache, but is effectively  waterproof once fully dry. It is  rated for light-fastness, adapted to  the Munsell color standard for  hue, value and chroma and is  made from the purest pigments  available.   Acryla Gouache may be used as a  successful ground that will not  contaminate over painted layers.  It will not shift in color tone  from liquid to dried color.  Hence, what you see wet is what  you get when dry. Acryla Gouache does not have as fragile a surface  as traditional gouache in gum arabic and is  compatible with all other water soluble media  regardless of origin. An ideal medium for  hobbyists and bird carvers as well.  
A smoother, flatter, more  opaque, brilliant professional  gouache. Winsor & Newton have offered  the finest professional  gouache available since 1935.  Designers Gouache is a range  of opaque water colours, used by designers,  illustrators and commercial artists to create  vibrant illustrations.  With 82 colours, chosen for their colour  bias (undertone), colour strength and  relative opacity, the range includes bright  and lightfast colours.  Available at the Charleston location!
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