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All 167 colors are  ground to a  uniform viscosity  in cold pressed  linseed oil.  Holbein Artists’ Oil Color utilizes  the purest of available pigments  and is manufactured to the highest  standard of quality control in the  industry.  Rarely will you find oil separating  from the top of the tube and the  crimps. The manufacturing  process in each of the preparation,  mixing, grinding, adjustment and  filling stages is monitored by  reference to optimum quality  standards.   Holbein Artists’ Oil Color is  available in 146 40ml colors, 11  transparent glazing colors 20ml, 4 foundation  colors in 110ml and 6 whites in 50, 110 and 330ml  sizes. 
Gamblin Artist's Oil  Colors are crafted by  hand with the well-being  of artists, their work, and  the environment in mind.  True to historic working  properties, yet safer and  more permanent, they  combine the best traditions  of the past with the latest  technical innovations, giving  you the freedom to create  without compromise.  All Gamblin Artist's Oil Paints are  completely non-toxic when used as  recommended. Most are made with alkali-  refined linseed oil as a binder, which  creates a strong, flexible paint film and  yellows significantly less than cold press  linseed oil, the traditional binder in oil  paints. Select colors use safflower oil as a  binder. Not only are both these vegetable  oils completely non-toxic, they are  commonly used in health and beauty  products, so you can trust in their safety. 
FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors With Gamblin FastMatte Alkyd  Oil Colors, oil painters can take  their paintings further, faster  than ever before.      Thin layers will be touch-dry  and ready to be painted over in  24-hours     Colors dry to a matte surface  with a beautiful tooth and deep,  soft luster      FastMatte colors are  compatible with our  painting mediums and  traditional oil colors 
1980 Oil Colors  True color. Real value.  Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors are made with the same dedication and pure pigments that go into our Artist's Oils. In addition, we use the same process of mixing, milling, filling, and hand labeling.  In order to reduce the cost of oil colors, some manufacturers use gels and waxes to stiffen colors and replace traditional pigments with less expensive ones.  Our approach is different. 1980 colors are formulated with pure pigments, the finest refined linseed oil and marble dust (calcium carbonate). More affordable colors have been made with these three ingredients since oil painting began.  With 1980 colors, artists experience colors that are true, without homogenized texture or muddy color mixtures. Our approach of using both traditional raw materials and processes ensures that artists experience the luscious working properties that they expect from their oil colors.
Rooted in 1783 London and named  after George Rowney the company’s  founder, Georgian Oil Colours from  Daler-Rowney enrich contemporary  artistic expression through modern  and brilliant colours, optimal pigment  loads and a very satisfying feel under  both brush and knife.  Traditionally crafted and triple-milled  in England, Georgian Oil Colours  provide colour consistency from wet  to dry and even performance and  finish across all colours. Due to their  careful formulation, Georgian Oil Colours  generally require very limited quantities of  mediums so can be used freely straight from the  tube allowing the artist to concentrate on  spontaneous creativity. 
DUO has taken all the handling qualities and the buttery feel of Holbein Artist Oil Color and made it safer and easier to use. Duo eliminates the odor of solvents in the studio by allowing you to clean brushes, palette, and workspace with soap and water. Because of its versatility, the possibilities for special techniques and effects using Duo are limited only by one’s imagination. Water Mixable Oils
Cobra Artist water mixable oil  colour. The range consists of 70 transparent, semi-  transparent, semi-opaque and opaque  colours. They all have the highest degree of  lightfastness (+++) and under museum  conditions remain unchanged for at least  100 years. The range includes 32 mono-  pigmented colours. There are also ten  colours based on highly exclusive pigments  – such as the cadmiums, cobalts and  chromium oxides – and an exceptionally  transparent oxide red or yellow. 
We use only the purest pigments with the most suitable drying oils. Each colour is individually formulated to optimize and enhance the pigments’ natural characteristics to provide covering power, tinting strength and stability.  With 80 single pigment colours, this range offers infinite colour possibilities and brighter secondary mixes.  The buttery, stiff consistency of Artists’ Oil Colour is ideal for retaining brush or palette knife strokes and can be thinned to a very fine glaze.  The sheen reflects the pigments used and the different levels of oil in each formulation, so the gloss level varies across individual colours. This can be controlled through the selection of surface, the addition of solvent and the mediums used.  Available at the Charleston location!
Dedicated to  handmade  integrity, Williamsburg Handmade Oils are  crafted by skilled American artisans using top-  quality pigments from around the world. Each of  the more than 140 colors in the line possesses a  unique consistency and texture — some are  slightly gritty, while others are extremely  smooth. This is what makes Williamsburg  Handmade Oils so unique and prized by the  painters who choose them.  Colors are made in small batches no larger than  five gallons at a time to ensure the highest level  of control. Pigments are carefully ground to  enhance the beauty and luminosity specific to  each, and then combined with pure, premium,  alkali-refined and pH-balanced linseed oil. Every  ingredient is hand-measured, and every batch is  scrutinized for quality.  Most Williamsburg Oils are considered to have  excellent lightfastness (LF I), with the exception  of Alizarin Crimson and Van Dyke Brown, which  have very poor lightfastness (LFIII). Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paints are crafted  at the company's paint mill in the Williamsburg  neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. 
Color Chart PDF Here Winton Oil Colour offers quality and affordability by using moderately priced pigments, rather than reducing the pigment load and compromising colour performance. The high level of pigmentation provides good covering power and tinting strength. The 31 single pigments in the range allow cleaner, brighter mixes and infinite hues.  Winton Color Chart Here FastMatte Color Chart 1980  Color Chart  PDF Here Williamsburg Color Chart Cobra Color Chart here Toll Free 1-888-725-4666 email: desertartsupply@aol.com R&F’s Pigment Sticks® are recognized as the premier oil-based painting stick, but their use goes far beyond painting alone. Printmakers, sculptors, photographers and mixed media artists have used them to break barriers between artistic disciplines. Pigment Sticks® are comprised of pure alkali refined linseed oil and purified natural plant and bee’s waxes.  They contain no driers, no fillers or adulterants and no expedients of any kind. Because we do not use short cuts, the wonderful workability of our Pigment Sticks® depends upon a very careful balance of oil, waxes and pigment. The result is an intensively pigmented, handmade, traditional artist paint. R&F’s Pigment Sticks® are currently made in 91 vibrant colors plus blenders. Home Services NEW PRODUCTS Events/Classes Contact Home About Architectural Modeling Supplies Airbrushes & Supplies Basic Art Supplies Calligraphy Supplies Canvas, Surfaces & Accessories Carving Classes & Events Clay & Accessories Custom Framing Digital Printing / Sublimation Easels Furniture Gold Leafing Supplies Graphic Arts / Printmaking Ink Jet Papers & Canvas Instructional Books Jewelry Supplies Markers Models & Supplies Molding & Casting Supplies NEW PRODUCTS One Shot Paints & Mediums Paints & Mediums Pens & Inks Services Spray Paint Smooth-On Tapes & Adhesives Contact Paints -Oils