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Mold Max Series Mold Max silicones are used around the world for a variety of  industrial and art-related applications including architectural  restoration, prototype model development, reproducing sculpture,  creating special effects and themed environments. 
OOMOO Perfect for beginners, hobbyists and craft makers, OOMOO  silicones are easy to use and inexpensive. They don’t require special  equipment to process and are ideal for making one-piece or two-piece  block molds. 
Smooth-Sil Smooth-Sil silicones are ideal for making production molds of  any configuration, large or small. Urethane, urethane foams, epoxies,  polyester resins, wax and low-melt metal alloys can be cast into  Smooth-Sil without application of release agent. 
SORTA-Clear SORTA-Clear 18 and 40 are premium water white translucent  silicones that cure at room temperature. They feature exceptional tear  and tensile strength. Rubber clarity is especially useful when extracting  models via cutting. SORTA-Clear rubber is ideal for making prototype,  jewelry or other molds of any configuration where model visibility is  important. SORTA-Clear 18 and 40 are also food safe and used to make  custom chocolates, candy, cakes and more. 
Mold Star Mold Star 15, 16 and 30 silicones are easy to use and feature  relatively low viscosity meaning vacuum degassing is not required.  Mold Star cures to a strong, resin resistant rubber that has good tear  resistance and exhibits very low long-term shrinkage. Molds made  with Mold Star silicones will last a long time in your mold library and  are good for casting wax, gypsum, resins, and other materials. 
Rebound Rebound 25 and 40 are easy-to-use platinum-cure silicone rubbers that self-thicken for making brush-on molds of almost any model. Rebound can be applied with a brush or spatula to vertical surfaces and cures with negligible shrinkage to a soft, flexible rubber. Create strong, durable reproduction molds for casting wax, gypsum, concrete or resins. Dragon Skin Dragon Skin is known around the world as the most versatile silicone available anywhere. Available in 10A, 20A, or 30A shore hardness, Dragon skin silicones are easy to use and can be colored with Silc Pig color pigments or the Psycho Paint system.  Dragon skin silicones are used to make lasting lifelike skin and monster effects for animatronics. They are perfect for making stretchy “glove molds” of models with deep undercuts for casting concrete plaster, etc. Because of its extreme flexibility and wear resistance, Dragon Skin silicones are used extensively for coating fabric, shock absorption and other industrial applications. Ecoflex Ecoflex Supersoft rubbers are “sister” silicones to our Dragon Skin series. Available in Shore hardnesses down to 00-10, Ecoflex silicones are extraordinarily soft, strong, durable and offer tremendous wear resistance. Like Dragon Skin, these rubbers are easy to use and can be vibrantly colored with Silc Pig or Psycho Paint. Ecoflex Super-soft silicones are used for creating incredible skin effects, monster masks and special effects appliances. They are also used extensively for medical cushioning applications, including making orthotic and orthopedic appliances, and also for coating fabric. Soma Foama Soma Foama 15 and 25 are soft, flexible silicone foams that can be poured into a mold or over other surfaces when lighter weight castings are required. Soma Foama is used for a variety of industrial and special effects applications including making foam filled appliances, padding/seat cushioning, and orthopedics. Body Double Silicone Body Double has become the industry standard and Hollywood favorite for capturing and reproducing faces, hands, and other body parts. Available in a “Standard Set” and “Fast Set,” Body Double silicone rubber molds are long lasting and skin safe. Unlike alginates, Body Double will last for many castings of almost any material including plaster, Matrix NEO, wax, resins (Smooth-Cast urethanes, polyester, etc.), low-temperature melt metal alloys etc. Alja-Safe & Acrobat Alginates Crystalline-Silica Free Alja-safe is easy to use, cures quickly, and is much less expensive than silicone. Acrobat is a “non-sag” fiber reinforced alginate, perfect for making molds of the face and torso. Both reproduce fine detail and make an excellent ‘single use’ mold. You can cast plaster, Matrix NEO (polymer modified gypsum), platinum cure silicone, or Smooth-Cast 300Q urethane resin into the mold to make a reproduction. VytaFlex VytaFlex mold rubbers are formulated for casting pigmented/colored concrete. Using Smooth-On’s exclusive “V-Polymer” technology. Molds made with VytaFlex rubber offer superior abrasion resistance and durability. they yield castings that are dimensionally precise and color accurate every time.  ReoFlex ReoFlex Series urethane rubbers offer superior physical and performance properties for production casting of wax, plasters, and resins. ReoFlex urethanes are available in 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A and 60A Shore hardness. 300 Series Smooth Cast 300 series liquid plastics are ultra-low viscosity casting resins that yield castings that are bright white and virtually bubble free. Vacuum degassing is not necessary. They offer the convenience of a one to one mix ration (one part A to one part B by volume). Fully cured castings are tough, durable, machinable and paintable. They resist moisture and mild solvents. Applications for Smooth-Cast 300 Series plastics include reproducing small to medium size sculptures, making prototype models, and special effects props. Smooth-Cast 320 Series The Smooth-cast 320 Series liquid plastics are “sister” products to our popular Smooth-Cast 300 Series but cure off-white. They are easier to color using SO-Strong or Ignite color tints. Smooth-Cast 320 Series resins also readily accept fillers (such as URE-Fil 3, 5 and 7). Fully cured castings are tough, durable, machinable and paintable. They resist moisture and mild solvents. Applications for Smooth_Cast 320 Series resins include reproducing small to medium size sculptures, making prototype models, special effects props, decorative jewelry and taxidermy (bones, antlers, teeth etc.). 325 ColorMatch Series Smooth-Cast ColorMatch plastics are fast-cast resins that were developed specifically for adding color pigments and fillers to achieve a true color representation or filler effect. The ColorMatch Series is formulated “color neutral.” Small amounts of SO-Strong color tint will yield accurate, vivid colors from cured castings. Because of its neutral color, the ColorMatch Series is ideal for creating marble and woodgrain casting effects, or duplicating the look of real metal by adding bronze, brass or other metal powder. ONYX - Deep Black Smooth-Cast ONYX is a mercury-free urethane resin that cures quickly at room temperature to a deep black, solid plastic. ONYX has an ultimate shore hardness of 80D and offers higher physical properties and higher heat resistance vs other general purpose resins. Applications include reproducing sculpture, making prototypes and potting/encapsulation. Because ONYX is a fast curing resin and becomes hard quickly, it is also great for doing fast cold cast bronze, brass, copper, nickel/silver and other metals. Semi-Rigid Resins Smooth-Cast 45D, 60D, 61D and 65D are low-cost urethane casting resins that cure quickly to semi-rigid plastics that offer excellent impact resistance. These plastics are easy to use (mix ration is 1A:1B by volume) and have low viscosities for minimal bubble entrapment. Vibrant colors are possible by adding SO-Strong color tints or Ignite color pigments. These semi-rigid plastics will really take a beating and offer exceptional abrasion resistance. they are good for making high-impact resistance tools, prototypes, etc.  Tooling Resins Smooth-Cast 380 and 385 are mineral filled urethane casting resins that are very hard and durable. They also cure with low shrinkage. Smooth-Cast 380 has high compressive and flexural strength. Fully cured castings are tough, machinable and paintable. Tooling resins are ideal for making industrial parts, foundry patterns, vacuum forming molds, and some ceramic applications. TASK TASK Series plastics are a line of urethane casting resins that offer superior physical properties compared to our popular Smooth-Cast line of general purpose casting resins. TASK plastics feature convenient mix ratios by volume (pbv) or weight (pbw), low viscosities, high tensile and flexural strength, as well as high flexural modulus.
TASK 2 & TASK 3 - Low viscosity, fast cure  resins made especially for rapid prototyping  environments.  TASK 4 - With exceptional flexural strength,  TASK 4 plastic was developed to be unbreakable  when cast in ultra thin-wall sections - as thin as a  sheet of paper. TASK 5 & TASK 6 - Time tested economy  performance resins. 
TASK 7 Flame Out - Low viscosity, fast set  resin that meets UL 94 V-O requirements for  flame resistance.  TASK 8 - Heat resistant urethane plastic  that can withstand temperatures up to  263°F/129°C. TASK 9 ColorMatch - Readily accepts color  pigments and yields parts with extraordinary  tensile strength. 
TASK 11 - Semi rigid resin originally developed for high impact  tooling (drop hammer punch). It also offers good abrasion and  chemical resistance.  TASK 12 - Virtually indestructible semi-rigid resin that offers  extraordinary handling strength and impact resistance. Castings are  tough, durable and UV resistant.  TASK 13 & Task 14 - High impact resistance, low cost semi-rigid  plastics are used for a variety of industrial applications including fast  mold making, prototyping, durable miniatures, black-colored props  and special effects.  TASK 15 - Exhibits exceptional impact strength when cast in  thin-wall sections TASK 15 features a gradual cure profile, making it  ideal for rotational casting applications.  TASK 18 - Relatively low viscosity aluminum filled urethane  resin that was developed specifically for making short run vacuum  forming molds.  TASK 21 - Described by many as having similar performance  and mechanical characteristics to ABS plastic, with high compressive  and flexural strength as well as good shock absorbance. 
Crystal Clear  Crystal Clear resins are unique water clear plastics that have been  used for years to create spectacular large scale display castings (10 tons  and larger), prototype models, lenses, ice effects for movie special  effects and much more. There are different working time/demold time  formulas to choose from depending on requirements. Impactful color  effects are made with SO-Strong color tints or Ignite pigments.  SMASH! SMASH! Plastic is a urethane liquid plastic designed to  shatter/crumble on impact (”breakaway glass”). Smash is water clear and, once fully cured, shatters like glass. It  can be cast solid in thin sections to make window panes or rotationally  cast to form hollow bottles, jars or other glass-like objects to be used as  breakable props for film and stage productions.  Simpact 85 Is a low odor, fast-setting Shore 85A urethane that offers very  high tear strength, impact resistance and wear resistance. Simpact 85 is  phthalate free, mercury free and MOCA free. Cured rubber has  exceptional performance characteristics and dimensional stability.  Simpact 85 can be colored with So-Strong or Ignite colorants. Simpact  85 is suitable for making impact resistant props, prototypes and display  pieces.   Plasti-Paste II Plasti-Paste II is a low-cost fiber-filled resin that holds a vertical  surface without sagging and cures to a strong, durable and lightweight  plastic. Developed originally as a mother mold material, this plastic can  also be used for creating themed environments or special effects. Cured  plastic can be sanded, machined and painted with acrylic enamel  paints.  Shell Shock  Shell Shock Fast and Slow are thixotropic plastics that self-thicken  when mixed and can be brushed onto a variety of surfaces or into  rubber molds. Material cures at room temperature with minimum  shrinkage to a hard, durable plastic. Fully cured castings are rigid and  can be sanded, primed and painted. Shell Shock is ideal for making fast,  lightweight rigid molds for creating silicone appliances and effects. 
FOAM-iT!  FOAM-iT! expanding foams are easy to use and cure rigid and  strong. They can be used as a lightweight casting material, backfill  material for encapsulation or to make hollow castings. you can color  them with SO-Strong color tints for a variety of art/craft, industrial  or special effects applications.  FlexFoam-iT! FlexFoam-iT! expanding foams cure flexible and durable. They  are lightweight and can be used for padding/cushion material or to  make props and special effects. 
Expanding Foams
EpoxAmite EpoxAmite 100 Epoxy Laminating System is an easy-to-use liquid  epoxy system formulated for a wide variety of fabrication applications.  EpoxAmite 100 laminating system is unfilled, low in viscosity, odorless and  cures at room temperature. Cured epoxy displays exceptional physical  performance properties. It can be sanded, shaped, machined, drilled, tapped  and painted.  EpoxAcast EpoxAcast castable epoxies are used for a variety of industrial  applications. They are easy to use, contain no VOC’s and are solvent free.  Compared to Smooth-Cast or TASK urethane plastics, EpoxAcast epoxies are  generally harder, have higher compression strength as well as higher heat  and abrasion resistance. They are also widely used for electrical  encapsulation and bonding applications.  Tarbender Tarbender is a UV resistant clear liquid epoxy that can be poured over a  variety of surfaces to provide a strong, high gloss coating. Parts A and B mix  together and flow easily. Tarbender epoxy cures at room temperature and  offers high impact resistance. Tarbender is an excellent wood bar top coating  and can also be poured over plaster, concrete, foam, fabrics, etc. You can use  Tarbender to encapsulate 3-D objects or coat flat objects, paper and more. 
Epoxies Epoxy Adhesives
Metalset A4 Metalset A4 is a powerful metal-filled epoxy that bonds to porous or  non-porous surfaces and can be applied to vertical surfaces without  sagging. Cured epoxy can be machined, sanded, etc. A4 has been used for  years by all branches of the U.S. Military.  Super Instant Epoxy Super Instant Epoxy bonds to metals, wood, glass, masonry and hard  plastics in 5 minutes. 
Toll Free 1-888-725-4666 email: desertartsupply@aol.com Free Form® Habitat® Fire Safe  Free Form® Habitat® Fire Safe epoxy putty is a high density epoxy sculpting putty that is flame rated (E84, Class A). Habitat® Fire Safe is solvent-free and contains no VOCs. Working time is 90 minutes and cure time is 16 hours at room temperature (73°F/23°C). Epoxy cures to a very hard, flame and heat resistant material that is easily painted. Fire Safe does not contain any carcinogens (cancer causing agents).  Free Form® Habitat® Fire Safe is suitable for interior and exterior theming applications and general sculpting. It is also certified 'aquarium safe' and is used by aquariums and zoos to make hyper-realistic trees, vines, rocks, coral and other display elements.  Use with Habitat® Folding Powder – fold powder into epoxy putty to thicken and reduce sag when applied to a vertical surface. Folding Powder also reduces stickiness and makes the epoxy more handle-able.  Once putty is applied, it can be stamped with a silicone rubber stamp to create repeating patterns with intricate detail over a large surface area. Surface can be smoothed with alcohol or water. New Habitat® Fire Safe will bond to cured Habitat® Fire Safe without delamination. Habitat® Fire Safe will not melt foam, and can be used as an EPS foam coating.  Free Form® Habitat® Fire Safe is also an excellent repair cement and bonds permanently to itself, PVC, acrylic sheeting, wood, many metals, plastics and foams. XTC-3D High Performance 3D Print Coating  is a protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts. Coating self-levels and wets out uniformly without leaving brush strokes. XTC-3D cures to a hard, impact resistant coating that can be shanded, primed and painted. It works with PLA, ABS, Laywoo, Powder Printed Parts and other rigid media. XTC-3D does not contain VOC’s, phthalates or phosphates. Home Services NEW PRODUCTS Events/Classes Contact Home About Architectural Modeling Supplies Airbrushes & Supplies Basic Art Supplies Calligraphy Supplies Canvas, Surfaces & Accessories Carving Classes & Events Clay & Accessories Custom Framing Digital Printing / Sublimation Easels Furniture Gold Leafing Supplies Graphic Arts / Printmaking Ink Jet Papers & Canvas Instructional Books Jewelry Supplies Markers Models & Supplies Molding & Casting Supplies NEW PRODUCTS One Shot Paints & Mediums Paints & Mediums Pens & Inks Services Spray Paint Smooth-On Tapes & Adhesives Contact Smooth-On Platinum-Cure Silicone Rubbers Lifecasting Materials Polyurethane Rubber Polyurethane Plastic Molding & Casting Supplies Smooth-On