‘‘Southern Nevada’ Complete Art Store’’ Fine Arts Supplies - Custom Framing We Carry  Modeling, Kiln Fired, Air Dry, Specialty Clays and Accessories Monster Clay® Premium Grade Modeling Clay is a re-usable sulfur free, professional oil/wax based sculpting medium. Composed entirely of non-toxic, food grade components, Monster Clay® has an ultra smooth formulation that features a low melt temperature and a low tack feel that will not stick to tools or fingers. Monster Clay has high plasticity and has a unique elastic quality much like soft taffy when warm. At average room temperature Monster is firm enough to capture even the finest details and can be re-used and re-melted indefinitely. Monster Clay melts easily to a pourable consistency and is great for making copies of life casts where changes are needed. This sulfur free recipe is compatible with platinum silicone molding compounds. Buy it once and re-use it over and over again. Each five pound quantity of Monster Clay® Premium is individually packaged in a convenient, reusable ovenable container. Best of all Monster Clay has lower density than the average oil based clays. This means that you receive approximately 25% more clay per pound without the added cost. NSP is a sulfur-free, somewhat tougher, waxier, sculpting Plasteline, used widely in Fine Arts and Special Effects. Can be melted and poured at approximately 185º F. Available in: Soft, Medium and Hard; Green, Brown or Tan. (Tan color will vary)
Le Beau Touché – HM  (Sulfur Free)  Le Beau Touché is a  sulfur-free, extremely  smooth, flexible and  tacky sculpting   Fine Art Plasteline with  exceptional adhesive quality. The HM  formula is less sensitive to heat variations and is  suggested for use where working  environment is expected to reach 90º F.  HM is slightly firmer and less tacky than Le  Beau Touché – Original. Available in:  Green, Brown or Cream. (Cream color will vary)
Clayette modeling clay is  sulfur-free, non-  hardening, odor-free and  flexible without being  sticky.   Color: Off white Handling tips: Using small amounts of  citrus-based solvents, lighter fluid, latex  paint removers, turpentine or mineral  spirits as a lubricant on the surface of the  clay will help to attain a smooth surface.  Unique Properties: Clayette will not oxidize  and can be left out or heated and cooled  repeatedly without any significant change  in the product. Clayette will not melt when  heated over 300 degrees F.  Firmness: Clayette is available in soft,  medium and hard. On a scale of 1-10 the  soft would be a 2, the medium a 4 and the  hard would be a 6. Working Temp: Clayette  is generally used at room temperature but  can be warmed to soften.  Hygiene: Wash hands with soap and water  after use. 
Pigmented oil base modeling compound renowned throughout the world for its smooth consistency and brilliant color range. Never hardens, remains pliable and plastic.  Preferred by sculptors, model makers, clay animators and artists of all ages. Cello wrapped. The finest colored modeling clay available. DAS Air-Hardening Clay is an excellent modeling clay for art projects. This clay hardens in 24 hours and then is usable with any type of decorating medium. Moist Clays that are ready to use for sculpture, hand modeling or throwing on a potter's wheel. Finished pieces should be allowed to air dry slowly and evenly on all sides. Decorate with acrylic paints, school paints or Rub 'n Buff® metallic finishes. Air-dried clay is fragile and should be coated with shellac to give it some strength and seal it from moisture. To make pieces hard and permanent, bisque fire in a kiln to Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C) before decorating. EM207  This is an all-purpose, smooth modeling clay. It is an excellent clay for beginning techniques such as coil and slab building. This clay fires to a reddish earthenware color and is often used for terra cotta work.  Cone 06 EM210 Very similar in texture and working properties to EM-207 but fires to a white color, making it an ideal clay for use with Low Fire glazes.     Cone 06 Amador WC370 An outstanding, all-purpose, orange/brown, moist body. Has fine sand and is a difficult body to crack during firing. Durable and affordable. Good for professional or student. Reduces a warm orange/brown, lighter in oxidation.  Cone 10 Half and Half WC382 This clay combines white stoneware and porcelain in equal proportions. The result is a very throwable white body that is tinted a light gray/white in reduction and slightly off-white in oxidation. Made with fine sand. Cone 10 Dave’s Porcelain WC384 An outstanding throwing body. Ideal for thin walls and larger pieces, and excellent for slab use and when a vitreous clay is desirable. Light gray in reduction, off-white in oxidation. Cone 10 Danish White WC841  This white stoneware body is a good choice for small to medium work. It has exceptional strength and plasticity. Danish White fires off-white in oxidation and grayish in reduction. It has a smooth texture. Cone 10 A natural gray clay in dry form that mixes easily with water and fires to a light buff between Cones 5 and 10. Amaco Clay Flour is exceptionally smooth, pliable, and suitable for hand modeling and wheel throwing. This AP labeled, non-staining, air drying natural clay is fun to use and it's reusable! Developed by a classroom teacher, Magic Mud® promotes endless learning, encourages unlimited discovery, increases sensory motor development, and allows self-expression. Air-dried objects made with Magic Mud can be turned back into mud again by breaking into smaller pieces and adding water! Magic Mud® can also be fired in a kiln. Celluclay is a finely textured, non-toxic material that handles like clay, and needs no firing. No special tools are required. Just mix it with water.  Celluclay adheres to almost any surface. Dried forms can be sawed, sanded, nailed, or waterproofed. Finish with any kind of paint or varnish. Dries permanently hard. Available in Original Gray or Bright White.
Super Sculpey is a very unique polymer clay,  loved by artists, doll makers and animation  studios around the world. With a ceramic-like  feel, Super Sculpey is available in a semi-  translucent beige that, once baked, captures  the glow of real skin. It can also be mixed with  Premo or Sculpey III to change the color. As  with all of our polymer clays, it is easy to  condition right out of the package and stays  soft until you bake it. Super Sculpey features  fine tooling and detailing characteristics, and  does not “fill in” after tooling. Because of the  fine tooling and detailing characteristics of  Super Sculpey, it is frequently the chosen clay  for making prototypes from which molds are  made from the Super Sculpey sculptures; then  reproductions are made using the molds.  Additionally, artists are producing finely  detailed finished sculptures using Super  Sculpey. After curing in the oven, Super  Sculpey can be sanded, drilled carved and  painted with water-based acrylic paints. 
Toll Free 1-888-725-4666 email: desertartsupply@aol.com Y2-Klay The same high level of quality expected from Chavant is incorporated into the new formula. Y2 Klay offers the consistency, adhesion, cohesion and surface development characteristics found in chavant clays since 1892. Sulfur Free - Reduces potential corrosion of susceptible metals in computer work stations, CNC equipment, ovens and jewelry while maintaining the “feel” of sulfur based clays.  Lightweight - 35% lighter than traditional industrial styling clay. (Specific Gravity = 1.05) Reduces shipping costs and eases the process of moving finished models.  Excellent Milling Qualities - Clay fragments do not stick to milling bits or the model surface. Chips can be brushed or blown away with compressed air. The cut surfaces hold excellent detail.  Resistant to Shrinking and Cracking - Stabilizes collection of surface data and milling process. Saves time for model repairs and surface modifications.  Workable at 130 degrees F (55 degrees C) - recommended working temperature 125 F - 135F. Faster heat-up time to a comfortable, creamy working consistency. Working time approximately 20 minutes.  Exceptional Cohesion and Adhesion - No need to use a hot air gun to warm an existing clay surface for lamination build-up. Seams feather out smooth and do not peel back when tooling the laminate contact surfaces. Adheres to wood, foam or existing painted surfaces.  Low odor - All studios will appreciate this characteristic. Home Services NEW PRODUCTS Events/Classes Contact Home About Architectural Modeling Supplies Airbrushes & Supplies Basic Art Supplies Calligraphy Supplies Canvas, Surfaces & Accessories Carving Classes & Events Clay & Accessories Custom Framing Digital Printing / Sublimation Easels Furniture Gold Leafing Supplies Graphic Arts / Printmaking Ink Jet Papers & Canvas Instructional Books Jewelry Supplies Markers Models & Supplies Molding & Casting Supplies NEW PRODUCTS One Shot Paints & Mediums Paints & Mediums Pens & Inks Services Spray Paint Smooth-On Tapes & Adhesives Contact Clays Clay & Accessories