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We carry both fabric paint and dyes
Lumiere  This stunning assortment of light-bodied metallic and pearlescent paints brush on smoothly and are designed to last, without cracking or peeling. They allow for smooth application on soft or flexible surfaces like fabric or uneven textures like Styrofoam. Soft to the touch and washfast on fabric, Lumiere colors can be bright, metallic or subtle, even on dark backgrounds. Their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage.  Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, canvas, clay and paper. Dye-na-Flow  This free-flowing, concentrated fluid acrylic paint is beautiful on any untreated fabric, and in many ways simulates a true dye. Dye-Na-Flow spreads on fabric until it is thoroughly absorbed and even. It will not alter the feel of the fabric. Dye-Na-Flow is incredibly versatile and may be used for many diverse applications. Heat set with a dry iron or use Jacquard Airfix (an alternative means of fixing, more commonly used in production runs). Techniques: spray on tie dye, watercolor, airbrushing, salt technique, spritzing through stencils, sponge printing, sun printing, batik, resist techniques including serti.  Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: natural and synthetic fabrics, wood, paper, clay, canvas and leather. iDye  iDye for Natural Fabrics  Dyeing has never been easier than with iDye from Jacquard! iDye comes in a dissolvable packet, so there are never any messy powders to handle: simply drop the packet into hot water or toss it in your washer! iDye is a hot water dye for natural fabrics that may be used on the stove top or in the washing machine. For polyester and nylon, use iDye Poly. iDye Poly  iDye Poly is for synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. It even works on some plastics! The dye comes in a dissolvable packet, so there are never any messy powders to handle: simply drop the packet in a pot of water, bring it to a boil and add your fabric! iDye Poly may also be used for sublimation printing and to dye the polyester threads that are used to sew commercially manufactured garments.  Using iDye with Fabric Blends  For blended fabrics containing both synthetic and natural fibers, use iDye for Natural Fabrics with the corresponding iDye Poly color AT THE SAME TIME! (Or, for more interesting, two-tone, heather effects, try pairing two different colors.)  A single iDye packet will dye 2-3 lbs/1-1.3 kg of dry fabric.  Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: iDye for natural fabrics: silk, cotton, linen and rayon. iDye Poly: polyester, nylon and some plastics.
Neopaque These highly pigmented, opaque paints are formulated for  maximum coverage on dark backgrounds. They have a consistency  similar to Lumiere but are not pearlescent. Neopaque paints are  flexible and soft on a variety of surfaces. For more transparent  colors, mix with the 579 Extender.   Techniques: paint, screen, stencil or stamp - add to Lumiere for an  antique look.  Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: natural and synthetic fabrics, leather,  wood, canvas, clay and paper. 
Piñata Alcohol Ink  Piñata Colors are beautiful, highly saturated, acid-free and transparent.* Alcohol-based, indelible and moisture resistant when dry, Piñata Colors work well on practically any clean surface.  Techniques: Fine art, scrapbooking, faux finishing techniques and staining wood or leather.  Ideas & Tips: Brayer Piñata onto vellum. Color glass drops and beads. Dye leaves, tint mica bits, color sea shells and air-dry clays. Add color to grommets, eyelets and fasteners.  Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: glass, leather, wood, paper, plastic, metal, foil, clay and vinyl. Procion MX Dye  These cold water fiber reactive dyes are known all over the world. The undisputed king of tie dye, Procion MX is also one of the most versatile dyes available. Mix the concentrated dye powder with warm tap water to create the most vivid and colorfast of all dyes for cellulose fibers. With Jacquard’s assortment, you can create an infinite palette of colors, ranging from light pastels to deep, vibrant hues.  - Typically, one 2/3 oz/19 g bottle will dye more than 1 lb/.45 kg of dry fabric. (Very bright colors will require more dye and pastel colors will require less.)  Techniques: tie dye, immersion dyeing, batik, screen printing, direct application, gradation dyeing, sprinkle dyeing, ice dyeing and more!  Fabric/Fiber: cellulose fibers: paper, canvas hemp, cotton, linen, jute, ramie, sisal, rayon. (May use protein fibers if acidified.) Acid Dye  Extremely brilliant and colorfast, Jacquard’s Acid Dyes are concentrated, powdered, hot water dyes that yield the most vibrant results possible for protein fibers. When immersion dyeing, Jacquard’s Acid Dyes produce a uniform color, which is always a challenge for dyers. The colors are beautiful, transparent and luscious enough to dive into.  In addition to yarn or garment dyeing, Jacquard Acid Dyes may also be used for painting or printing applications, using steam setting.  Don’t be alarmed by the name–the only acid involved is the white vinegar (acetic acid) that you add to the dye bath.  A half oz/14 g bottle will color up to 2 lbs/.91 kg of fiber, depending on the depth of the shade.   Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: protein fibers: wool, cashmere, alpaca, feathers, silk and some nylons.  Available at the Charleston location! SolarFast ™ Newly improved: Now odorless and safe for children!  - no more ammonia - kid-friendly - more consistent exposure times - brighter and cleaner colors - a more stable dye  SolarFast sunlight-developed dyes are used to create photograms, continuous tone photographs and sun prints on paper and natural fabrics. SolarFast is also great for painting, tie dyeing, screen printing, stamping, batik and more. No heat setting, chemical or steam fixing necessary!   Check out JacquardSolarFast.com - a website for easily turning photos into film negatives to use with SolarFast™ dyes.  HOW IS  IT USED?  Apply SolarFast to fabric or paper using a brush, sponge or brayer. While still damp, expose the design to sunlight and watch the color magically appear!  Place objects on the coated substrate before exposing, to block development. Any object that casts a shadow will create an image. Use a film negative to create permanent photographs on paper or fabric.  Prints are washable, lightfast and archival. The dye leaves fabric completely soft. On paper, SolarFast has zero relief and will not affect the texture of the printed surface whatsoever.  SolarFast thins and cleans up with water.  For screen printing applications, use SolarFast Thickener.  Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: all artist papers, wood and natural fibers, including: cotton, linen, canvas, silk and hemp. Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers   Sixteen great colors, available in three tip widths. Tee Juice Markers really deliver! The color screams, but the finished fabric remains completely soft to the touch. Tee Juice is great on T-shirts, jeans, canvas tennis shoes–you name it! Color flows smoothly out of the pens, with no dragging or skipping on fabric. Washfast and permanent after heat setting with a dry iron.  Available individually, in boxed sets and in kits with iron-on designs to color in.  Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: fabric, paper, canvas, wood and leather. Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments  Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are our most versatile product yet! Mix Pearl Ex into any viscous medium for a metallic/pearlescent effect. Pearl Ex is a safe, inert pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability, ideal for interior, fashion, fine arts and other archival applications. It has a use for every artist, from watercolorist to auto painter, faux finisher to rubber stamper. Try it mixed with Jacquard Gum Arabic or Pearl Ex Varnish for applying to most surfaces. It can also be mixed with other artist mediums, oils, acrylics, encaustic, Dorland’s Wax, polymer clays, or spread dry on porous surfaces. Pearl Ex creates a metallic look without being a metal, it will not tarnish or fade. The different particle sizes produce different effects, from a smooth pearly luster, to a highly metallic sheen. The smallest is Micropearl at 5-25 microns. The largest is Super Copper and Macropearl at 60-200 microns. The rest average between 20-60 microns.  Note: Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments were specifically developed as a art material.          They are NOT for cosmetic use.  Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: fabric, paper, shrink plastic, polymer clay, leather, glass, canvas, wood, clay and encaustics. 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