New Graduate Acrylics  offer a very affordable  range of acrylic colours.  The range features bright  and strong colours that are  easy to brush onto surfaces. They  can be used on any paper surface,  primed board or canvas, used  indoors or outdoors and are so  versatile they can also be used  with a variety of acrylic mediums,  also available from Daler-Rowney.  There are 48 colours in the range,  including metallic colours.  Graduate Acrylic colours are of  good pigment strength and flow  easily across paper and primed  surfaces. Colours are water-based  and contain no solvents. In  accordance with EC labeling  regulations, all colours are  classified as non-dangerous for use.  The advantage of acrylic colours to schools  and hobbyists, of course, is that artwork can  be dried and stored away shortly after an art  class has been completed, and will not  smudge if water is spilled on the surface of the  painting. The colours are fast-drying, durable  and flexible, so paintings will last a long time.  Paper and canvas coated with Graduate  Acrylic can be loosely rolled and stored  without fear of cracking.
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Holbein Mat  Acrylic is available  in 36 intensely  pigmented Artist  Colors in 110ml  tubes. Holbein Mat Acrylic has a  buttery consistency and unique  texture that dries to a vivid mat  finish. Each color offers outstanding  lightfast qualities and exceptional  covering power.  Holbein Mat Acrylic can be used  directly as a painting medium or as a  successful ground for acrylics,  aqueous colors, oil color and tempera  paints. Holbein Mat Acrylic is the ultimate  versatile medium for Artists. 
 RE-ENGINEERED A completely re-engineered Artist  Acrylic which consistently delivers  more color vigor and lightfast  ratings. They can be thinned with  water or Holbein Acrylic Mediums  or scrumbled as a thin dry brush  layer. The acrylic body is brushable  and will retain any peaks or ridges  created when applied in thick  applications.  ENHANCED BRILLIANCE Holbein's new acrylic range is high  quality, heavy body artist acrylic, specifically  designed to add more luster and brilliance to  your paintings.  113 CAREFULLY DETAILED COLORS Utilizing the best traditional organic  pigments as well as the latest and most  up to date inorganic pigments, Holbein  Heavy Body Artist Acrylic range  affords the user seamless and  effortless mixing and thinning.  SUPERIOR, SMOOTH, VIVID. Superior, smooth and vivid in  every way. Holbein Heavy Body  Artist Acrylic range is certain to  meet and surpass the demands  of the modern artist, whether  painting small or large, opaque  or transparent. 
Heavy Body Acrylic Colors  The original line of GOLDEN  Artist Acrylics is known for its exceptionally  smooth, thick buttery consistency. It  contains the largest assortment of unique  pure pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion  vehicle available to the professional artist.  These colors offer excellent permanency and  lightfastness. There are no fillers, extenders,  opacifiers, toners, or dyes added.  Each Heavy Body color is formulated  differently depending on the nature of  the pigment. Colors that tolerate  higher pigment "loads" dry to a  more opaque, matte finish. Colors  that are more reactive and do not  accept high pigment loading dry  to a glossy finish and tend to be  more transparent. Heavy Body  colors contain no additives,  such as matting agents,  therefore the gloss of each  color will be different. 
Fluid Colors  contain near the same  pigment strength as Golden Heavy Body  colors in a pourable, low viscosity formula.  Available in 1 oz. sizes.  
GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic
Introducing GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics, a new acrylic paint line that can go from brush to marker or from dip pen to airbrush and more! From fine lines to broad strokes, High Flow Acrylic has an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques, including staining effects, leveling colors, calligraphy, and mixed media.  Replacing GOLDEN Airbrush Colors, beginning July 2013, the NEW HIGH FLOW FORMULA offers several improvements over Airbrush Colors, most notably an increase in durability of dry paint and more colors.  49 COLORS, including NEW Iridescent and Fluorescent colors, and more single-pigment colors that match GOLDEN Heavy Body, Fluid, and OPEN color lines. Available in 1 oz and 4 oz sizes. NEW! HIGH FLOW ACRYLICS
Liquitex BASICS® Acrylic  Paint is developed for  students and artists that  need quality at outstanding  value. Each color is  uniquely formulated to  bring out the maximum  brilliance and clarity of the  individual pigment.  
Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Paint, previously referred to as High Viscosity, has a thick consistency for traditional art techniques using brushes or knives, as well as for experimental, mixed media, collage and printmaking applications. Impasto applications retain crisp brush stroke and knife marks. Good surface drag provides excellent handling and blending characteristics with increased open-working time. High pigment load produces rich, brilliant, permanent color.
A very high degree of lightfastness,  thanks to the use of pure,  stable pigments. Your works  of art will retain their  original color for decades.      A very strong and flexible  paint film as a 100% acrylate  emulsion is used as binder.  Exceptionally durable for a  long-lasting result.  Suitable for painting murals.  Practically odorless.  No solvent is necessary.  Easy to thin with water. Thin layers dry within half an hour.
Jo Sonja's Artists Colours are  made from only the finest quality  pure pigments. All colours in the range are  lightfast and carry ASTM ratings as your  guarantee against colour fade. Feel confident  that the colours in your designs will remain true  for generations, just as vibrant as the day they  were painted.  We continually test our products for quality and  performance to ensure that Jo Sonja's Artists'  Colours remain the best possible product  available for decorative artists.  Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours are flow formula  acrylics offering the look and feel of traditional  gouache. They offer superb handling and  brushing characteristics together with purity  and strength of colour. Acrylic gouache is a  popular medium for design works on paper and  decorative art, providing opacity of colour and a  beautiful, matte velvet finish. Unlike traditional  gouache, colour layering can be achieved easily  throughout a painting, as the paints will dry  within minutes. 
Atelier Interactive is  the most versatile  acrylic paint on the  market. It handles like  a conventional acrylic  making it a  popular  choice for  Fast Drying  Techniques,  but it has other  exclusive abilities if you want to use them.  Atelier Interactive is the world’s only acrylic  paint that gives you a new option; Controlled  Drying Techniques . You can control the paint's  open time for as long as you want using a fine  mist of water or moist brush; blending layers of  Atelier Interactive is easier and far smoother  than with any other acrylic. When you want to  return to Fast Drying Techniques, simply  withhold water and it will dry rapidly again. It’s  that easy - and only possible with Atelier  Interactive’s unique patented formula.  There is another unique benefit: Atelier  Interactive allows you to re-activate touch-dry  paint using Atelier Unlocking Formula, to return  to wet-in-wet blending. A true revolution in  acrylic paint technology!  Atelier Interactive is available in 75 colours  packaged in 80ml - 2.7 Oz Tubes 
DecoArt Traditions  resin-based acrylic  paint can perform as  an acrylic, watercolor, or oil   paint. It  utilizes the highest quality, lightfast, safe, pure  pigments available today. Traditions paint is  ideal for many surfaces, including wood, canvas,  metal, leather, ceramic bisque, paper, and walls.  One of the defining factors in Traditions paint is  the quality and clarity of the resin base, which  allows a controlled working time without  affecting the color of the paint. DecoArt  Traditions paint is available in 58 classic artist's  colors. Available in 3 oz size. 
Americana  Acrylics are  the number one  selling premium,  all-purpose, matte finish   acrylic  paints available at a budget friendly price. These  acrylic paints deliver superior coverage with a  permanent, durable finish. Ideal for professional  artists, crafters, and students.  Americana Acrylic paint is water-based, non-  toxic and can be varnished to create various  sheens. This acrylic paint can be used on almost  any surface.
With a high level of pigmentation  Galeria offers brilliant colours and  good covering power. The range  also has opaque versions of some  naturally transparent colours, for  example Raw Sienna Opaque and  Burnt Sienna Opaque.  Consistency & Texture  In comparison to oil,  acrylics generally have  less body. We have  worked hard to  create a good buttery  consistency for quick and  easy coverage, while  making sure that the  brush marks you want  remain.
Colors in the  Metallic Paint  Collection contain  three levels of  coverage/hide:  Opaque, Semi-  Opaque and Sheer.  Opaque colors have  excellent hide; two coats are  recommended for best results. Semi-Opaque  colors have good hide; three coats are  recommended for best results. Sheer colors are  translucent overcoats that when viewed from  various angles flash color and/or give luster to  traditional paints, other Metallic Paint colors or  faux finishes/broken color. 
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