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EXCALIBRE MODEL 8600  130 W. MAX This is our best  burning system.  The EXCALIBRE  system is capable  of delivering up to 130 watts max. depending upon  the pen you install. It is the ultimate for the  professional carver, artist or pyrographer. Two  pens can be plugged in at the same time. A  selection switch allows you to choose which pen  you wish to use. When you dial "HIGH" the tip will go to about  2,000 degrees in 7 heartbeats. This is the most  powerful and versatile burning system produced by  Detail Master Pyrographic Systems. We designed  and developed this system for those artists and  carvers who need fast recuperative powers and  want the best system available.  If you are an artist or carver that wants speed and  convenience the EXCALIBRE will answer these  standards. The almost immediate heat recovery of  the tip allow the artist to make faster strokes with  the burning pen. The stainless steel control box has  two front face jack ports, allowing the artist to  choose either one of two favorite pens. A scabbard  is mounted on each side to hold the pen that is not  being used. There aren't any pens with the  Excalibre system. We have found that people  would rather choose their own pens as to type and  quantity. You may also choose the solid state pens  that are silver brazed and assembled with tip, hand  piece, cord and plug, or a hand piece that uses  replaceable tips of your choice. 
"The Amazing Art of  Pyrography" is a  comprehensive book on  all phases of the  pyrographic art. This  422-page, hardcover  book was written by "The  Grandfather of  Pyrography", Robert E.  Boyer. He spent five years  and traveled over 50,000  miles researching this  book, covering the United  States and interviewing pyrographic artists and  carvers. He cataloged their techniques and  revealed many of his own. Boyer's philosophy was  to share with other artists his "secret" techniques  and methods. He believed that sharing this  information with other artists could only enhance  the art of pyrography.
1-A This is the smallest of the angle blade tips. It is about 1/8 inch wide with a point and a heel. It is used for intricate detailing on a bird's head and can lift the wood to give a soft appearance. 1-B This is another angle blade about 3/16 inch wide. It can burn straight lines necessary in feather barb burning and it is a good pen for making lines in pyrography. 1-C This is the most popular of angle blade tips. It's a general duty pen; it can burn straight lines, barb burn, undercut, etc. It is a "hot knife" with many commercial uses. 2-A This pen was developed by John Fairfield, a talented champion California carver. It is designed for intricate work, and can get into difficult-to-reach places with the curved blade extended and sharpened. It allows the carver to burn sideways with the pen in a horizontal position.
Replaceable Tip Hand piece 
2-B This pen is called the Ernie Muehlmatt pen. It's about 1/8 inch wide and is curved completely across the top. It allows a push/pull method of burning and is great for burning reversed curves under legs, wings, and neck. 2-C All of the rounded pen tips have a similar design, but are different widths. This pen is about 3/16 inch wide. All rounded pens are capable of making gracefully curved lines.
3-A We had many requests for a  thinner line pen. This pen is made from  a finer wire and is in demand by artists  who want to create fine lines. 
4-A This pen is a must for bird carvers.  It allows you to correctly "raise" the  shaft. It has a bottom shoe for added  strength when depressing the wood  fibers. It is about 1/8 inch wide and  used on smaller or miniature birds. 
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4-C This pen is about 1/4 inch wide  and is used for "raising" feather shafts  on larger birds. This pen can also be  used by pyrographers for shading. 
5-A This pen and the two longer versions were designed by Tan Burnet, a many-time world champion bird carver. It is a heavy duty pen and was designed for undercutting. It has the advantage of two rounded sides, and gives twice the burning time before re-sharpening. 6-A The scribe pen. With the pen tip rounded you can move in all directions without snagging the wood. Carvers use this pen for signing their work and for pressing in the bill wrinkles on a duck. Flat burning artists can use this pen for dot shading. 6-B We made this pen for those who want to do calligraphy burning in wood. This flat pen is 1/8 inch wide and rounded on front, back, and corners, allowing you to move forward and side directions. When you pull it towards you, a thick line is made, while moving sideways makes a thin line. 7-A This 1/8 inch wide tip has a rounded end and has a form in it for easier operation. It is used for shading feathers on birds before barb burning, to give emphasis and eye appeal. Flat artists use it for shading away from a round or non-straight line. 9-A When buying a fish scale pen please read all of the text below in the 9 series as it applies to all. The 9A is the smallest of the fish scale pens. From one point to the other is about 1/16th of an inch. This pen is used by fish and reptile carvers to create small scales such as in trout. 9-C 1/8 inch is the next standard size. The operation is the same for all fish scale pens. Do not turn the heat too high; all you want to do is create the impression of layered scales. 10-A This was Robert Boyer's favorite pen. He liked its versatility: it can make thin lines, burn feather barbs, or make gracefully curved lines. It's great for flat burning, for undercutting feathers and for crosshatching or line shading. It is about 1/8th inch wide.
Burning Pen Care Kit  Model CK-1  In this kit, we have included all the items you will  need to keep your pen tips in good shape. It  includes a fine Arkansas stone, a leather strop  board and a bottle of honing oil.  You must "charge" the strop board with the  honing oil. A few strokes on this strop board will  put the edge back on the pen tip without removing  metal as a stone would do. Complete instructions  for use are included, as is a convenient carrying  case. This kit is also useful for sharpening your  carving knives, too! This set will pay for itself in  short order. 
Boxed Deluxe Ship Modelers Tool Set  Set has been designed to accommodate the needs of both the beginner and professional. Packaged in a genuine wooden chest to allow easy access and convenient storage. Set Contains: 1 - K1 Knife, K2 Knife, K5 Knife, 1 Needle Nose Pliers with Side Cutter, 1 Needle Point Awl, 1 Sharp Pointed Tweezers, 1 Miter Box, 1 Razor Saw, 1 Sanding Block, 4 Assorted Gouges, 16 Assorted Blades, 3 Assorted Drills Boxed Woodworking Set - Wooden Box  Set includes an assortment of superior quality knives and blades for cutting, trimming, carving, and chiseling of wood, plastic, rubber, and clay. Contains 6 assorted blades, 5 assorted gouges, 4 assorted routers and one K5 handle. Available in an attractive wooden box w/ molded trays that include a Teflon covered magnetic strip to help in holding the blades securely. This set is ideal for whittling and carving animals, bird decoys as well as for fine detail work. It includes 12 high carbon steel hand tools together with a whittling knife, hand-made fine tooth rasp and sharpening knife. Complete 15-piece set comes in a canvas roll. A 10-piece King Brand wood carving set, each essential tool fitted with a leather tipped handle. All tools are honed. Packaged in a canvas roll.  The set includes: 1/2" Shallow Gouge 3/4" Medium Gouge 3/4" Deep Gouge 1/2" Short Bent Gouge 1/4" Straight Parting Tool 5/8" Skew Chisel 3/4" Fish Tail 2 Sharpening Stones 1 Mallet This 6-piece carving set includes hand-forged tools made of the finest quality steel tempered for soft marble and alabaster.  Each tool has long-lasting cutting edges. The set includes: five (5) chisels and one (1) carving hammer of soft iron. Comes in a canvas roll. Carving Supplies Conventional, straight handles. Overall length: 6".  Standard set contains 5/16" bent square chisel, 5/16" straight skew chisel, 5/32" straight small gouge, 5/16" bent large gouge, and 5/32" bent "V" parting tool. Miniature version has 7/32” bent square chisel, 1/4” straight skew chisel, 3/32” straight small gouge, 7/32” bent large gouge, and 3/32” bent V parting tool.  Mini palm-grip, mushroom-shaped handles. Overall length: 4-1/2”.
Sanding Sticks -   Assorted Grits available 
Basswood is available by the board foot           Scale lumber is also available for those who choice to build boxes, etc for carving. Carving Blanks Stone for Carving
We Carry Soapstone and Alabaster for carving, and a selection of carving blanks.
We’ve packaged some of  our most popular knives in  one, 3 knife Starter Set.  The Comfortable curved  ergonomic handle allows  for long periods of carving  without hand fatigue.
Everything a new carver  needs to tackle a first  time project. It comes  with two carving blades -  a V-tool and a gouge -  and an interchangeable  ABS handle. Two  Basswood blanks. A leaf  project DVD with step-  by-step instructions, an  owners manual outlining the leaf project,  maintenance and safety tips for beginners. 
We Now carry Flexcut Carving Tools, Individual knives, gouges and more.
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