This 100% rag double-side coated paper  offers an exceptional pure white tone using  natural minerals and an extra smooth,  sensual surface. Rag Photographique Duo  provides one of the highest achievable Dmax  currently available on the market.  Rag Photographique Duo is the ideal Fine Art  paper to create stunning photographs,  prestigious portfolios and photo albums.  
Photo HighGloss Premium RC consists of an  ultra-smooth, alpha-cellulose, acid-free  paper coated with polyethylene and multiple  microporous colour receiver layers.  This ultra-white photo paper currently has  the highest gloss level of the photographic  resin-coated paper market. This paper offers  vivid colours and deep blacks, coupled with  excellent image sharpness, with a resolution  of up to 5760 dpi.  Photo High Gloss Premium RC has been  designed to comply with the highest lifespan  requirements and respects the ISO 9706  standard.  Photo High Gloss Premium RC offers an  exceptional Dmax and extremely wide colour gamut, making it the product of choice for  stunning colour photos. 
Baryta Photographique is a true Baryta  paper developed for inkjet technology. It  consists of an alpha-cellulose, acid-free pure  white paper with the same barium sulphate  coating as for traditional silver halide and a  premium inkjet colour receiver layer.  Baryta Photographique offers the look and  aesthetic of the original darkroom baryta  print and complies with the ISO 9706  standard for maximum longevity. This museum grade photo paper shows  excellent black density and great image  sharpness, making it ideal for black and  white photography.  
‘‘Southern Nevada’ Complete Art Store’’ Fine Arts Supplies - Custom Framing Toll Free 1-888-725-4666 email: PhotoSatin Premium Resin Coated consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free art paper coated with a structured polyethylene and a microporous receiver layer. This exceptional photographic paper has been designed to comply with the highest lifespan requirements. The surface aesthetic of PhotoSatin Premium RC is reminiscent of the original photochemical papers traditionally associated with the Baryta market.  This paper gives softened reflections on photographs. It is a great choice for black & white and colour photography. The world’s number one mould-made traditional printmaking paper, with more than 500 years of history and heritage is now available within the Canson Infinity Digital Fine Art & Photo Portfolio. B F K Rives has a unique pure white tone obtained without the use of OBAs and a very specific smooth and velvety texture.  This exceptional paper is ideal for fine art prints and photographs and gives them a very prestigious aura. Canson Edition Etching Rag is a 100% cotton Fine Art paper with a smooth texture, reminiscent of the original genuine etching and printmaking papers. The paper has the purest white tone available on the market, without any Optical Brightening Agents, also called OBAs. Optical Brightening Agents are artificial brighteners that deteriorate in time. Canson Edition Etching Rag offers a high paper shade stability and a resistance to aging by using natural minerals.  This museum-grade paper provides deep blacks, excellent image sharpness, optimum colour graduation and its unique slight grain makes it ideal for printing detailed work, colour photographs and exceptional black and white portraits. For centuries, the genuine Arches® Velin Museum Rag has been chosen to create lithographies, intaglio etchings, engravings and collotypes by world-renowned artists. Today, the original Arches® Velin is available for the inkjet Fine Art & Photo market.  This paper is naturally age-resistant and has a unique fine-grained, smooth surface and structure and offers a pure white tone without OBAs. It is ideal for sophisticated photographs and museum-grade applications, as well as fine Art printmaking.
The world’s most famous pastel paper is  renowned for its unsurpassed quality and  texture. Now available for the digital print  professional, Mi-Teintes® unique  honeycomb structure adds greater  dimension and elegance to digital printing.  The paper is free of OBAs to ensure  consistency of shades over generations and  guarantee the highest lifespan.  Mi-Teintes® renders colours faithfully and  is a superlative choice for pastel  reproductions, other Fine Art and  photographic printing.  
Platine Fibre Rag is the combination of the premium 100% cotton Platinum paper that Canson has supplied for many years to the original Platinum and Platine photographic market, with the latest microporous coating, making the traditional darkroom paper now available for your digital printing.  Setting the benchmark for Digital Darkroom papers, Platine Fibre Rag provides the aesthetic and feel of the original F-Type Baryta Fibre paper, having a true pure white tone without using optical brighteners that are known to affect the longevity of digitally produced images.  Platine Fibre Rag’s extremely high Dmax and exceptional grey tones make it the product of choice for the more discerning black and white as well as colour photographic prints. The world’s Number One mould-made watercolor paper is now available for the Digital Fine Art market. This genuine 100% rag, watercolor paper possesses the unique structure, surface texture and warm white tone that demanding artists expect from a traditional Fine Art paper. This paper complies with the highest archival standards and is extremely age resistant.  Arches® Aquarelle Rag gives a unique and unrivaled character to the Fine Art reproduction of traditional artwork and photographs. Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper is ideal for wedding, portrait and school photographers that have traditionally used luster paper for their photos. This instant drying paper produces vivid, lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints, and its 10-mil RC base gives prints a photographic feel, and keeps the paper cockle-free. Furthermore Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper delivers highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions.  Highest color gamut available for vivid color reproduction   RC paper base Produces prints with the look and feel of actual photo prints   Luster E surface finish   Dries instantly for easy handling with Epson inks Rag Photographique is a 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art and photo paper. The exceptional smooth white tone is achieved during manufacturing by introducing natural minerals to the process. It has been developed to address the need for continued longevity requirements in the Digital Fine Art market. Rag Photographique offers a unique extra smooth surface with a sensual feel. It also provides one of the highest achievable Dmax currently available on the market, making it ideal for fine art photography as well as fine art printmaking. PhotoGloss Premium Resin Coated consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free art paper coated with polyethylene and a microporous colour receiver layer. The enhanced coating finish offers a stunning gloss effect which meets the requirements our customers have always demanded.  PhotoGloss offers an exceptional Dmax as well as a wide colour gamut and is ideal to produce stunning colour photographs. It also exceeds the expectations of true professional photographic paper and has been designed to comply with the highest lifespan requirements. Canson’s Number One watercolor paper is now an integral part of the Canson Infinity Digital Fine Art & Photo Portfolio. This genuine cold-press watercolor paper is specially coated for stellar inkjet printing performance. Being both acid and OBA - free, the paper is naturally age resistant.  Montval®’s watercolor texture and warm white tone lend subtlety to photographic reproductions and render art reproductions accurately and beautifully, with excellent colour. Home Services NEW PRODUCTS Events/Classes Contact Home About Architectural Modeling Supplies Airbrushes & Supplies Basic Art Supplies Calligraphy Supplies Canvas, Surfaces & Accessories Carving Classes & Events Clay & Accessories Custom Framing Digital Printing / Sublimation Easels Furniture Gold Leafing Supplies Graphic Arts / Printmaking Ink Jet Papers & Canvas Instructional Books Jewelry Supplies Markers Models & Supplies Molding & Casting Supplies NEW PRODUCTS One Shot Paints & Mediums Paints & Mediums Pens & Inks Services Spray Paint Smooth-On Tapes & Adhesives Contact Ink Jet Papers & Canvas Ink Jet Papers & Canvas