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We seem to always get those people who want to  create a flexible mask and would like to be able to  use an economical material to do so. This is the  perfect product for this application. A low cost  material for mask making and creating rubber  stuff in general. Simply slush cast into a dry  plaster mold as you would clay slip.  
Probably the best latex mold making compound money  can buy. We've been offering this product since the early  60's and in all these years this product has been  consistently a work horse for the garden statuary and pre-  cast concrete industry. Even in this day of modern  polymers and elastomers, Latex 74 is going to be hard to  beat if you are making production molds for casting cement  or plaster. Sure, it may take a little longer to make a Latex  74 mold because of the fact that you have to brush on  multiple layers of the material, but once that mold has  been made, there is no reason why it won't be good for  hundreds of castings for many years if treated and stored  properly. A high solids natural latex rubber, Latex 74 is about  75% solids and as a result it will build and dry quickly so that multiple layers of material  can be applied in one day. Generally a good mold will require 20-30 layers of latex  (depending on the size of the piece being molded) to build up enough material to  function well as a mold. Great for casting plaster, gypsum cements and portland  cements. Not recommended for wax and plastic resins. A gallon of Latex 74 will cover  approximately twelve square feet at 1/8" thick.  
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