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Objective: Students will learn and execute the fundamental principles of art in graphite, and will receive constructive feedback based on the artistic goals of each individual.  
Fee: $20 + Supplies  
Time: Saturdays 2:30pm - 5:30pm  
Place: Desert Art Supplies Henderson Location
SUPPLY LIST: Drawing Pencils: Hardness 2H, B, and 5B  (two of each) Single Hole Pencil Sharpener Large Kneaded Eraser Sandpaper Block 3 Colored Pencils: Red, Yellow, and Blue (in any shade) Blending Stumps 5mm Graphite stick 9” x 12” Drawing Pad 12” Ruler Estimate: $ 35 (bring any supplies you may already have)
Instructor: Brennan Rigg 702-493-1419